OBSIDIAN is a community continuation of OBLIGE Level Maker, originally by Andrew Apted. It generates levels for idTech 0 (Wolfenstein-3D, etc) and idTech 1 (Doom, etc) games.

Notable differences from OBLIGE

  • Base content merged with the ObAddon content pack, along with brand new prefabs, themes and shape grammars

  • GUI overhaul: Sliders, checkboxes, top bar menu, and theming are now built in

  • UDMF map output option for ports that support it

  • Improved RNG with 64-bit seed lengths and the ability to use arbitrary strings as seeds

  • Ability to support Vanilla Doom and its engine limits by using the bundled SLUMP map generator

  • "Surprise Me" option for randomization of selected settings

  • Optional PK3/ZIP compression of generated WADs

  • Migration from Lua to LuaJIT for greatly improved build speeds

  • First-run tutorial for users not accustomed to the program or its interface

  • More robust batch/CLI mode

  • Ability to compile without a graphical interface for server/headless environments if desired

  • Option to save an animated GIF of the level building process

  • Integration of previous versions of Oblige to offer increased variety in level layouts and composition

  • Improved internationalization support, along with a nearly complete Russian locale translation file included

Currently Supported Games

  • Doom 1 / The Ultimate Doom/ Doom 2 / Final Doom

  • Heretic

  • Chex Quest 3

  • HacX 1.2

  • Harmony

  • Hexen

  • Strife

  • Wolfenstein 3-D / Spear of Destiny

  • Super Noah’s Ark 3-D

Currently Supported Platforms

  • Windows 32/64-bit, x86 architecture

  • Linux 32/64-bit, x86 and ARM architectures

  • BSD 32/64-bit, x86 and ARM architectures

  • MacOS 64-bit, x86 architecture (tested with Github CI builds only)